• 名 前 Philip
  • 出 身 New Zealand
  • 経 歴 Lincoln大学 Bachelor of Horticultural Science (Hons)
             Victoria 大学 MA TESOL
  • 趣 味 Tennis/Basketball/Snowboarding/Skiing


We want you to feel like you are overseas every time you come to Speak Up. Even if you are a beginner, the best way to improve your English is by trying to talk and by listening to others too. Come along, relax and have a chat, or take a lesson with us... fun and friendly English!

  • 名 前 Fukiko
  • 出 身 Japan
  • 経 歴 St Margaret's College, Diploma of English Language
  • 趣 味 Tennis/Motorbiking/Travel/Baking/Coffee


Come along and join us! We'll support your challenge and dream.

  • 名 前 小原 英恵
  • 出 身 中国遼寧省丹東市 出身
  • 趣 味 旅行/音楽鑑賞


  • 名 前 Magdalena 小谷
  • 出 身 Peru
  • 趣 味 Vegetable gardening/Parakeet

"Hola Amigos! muchos Saludos a todo los Integrantes de Speak Up. glacias por brindarme la oportunidad de llegar a ustades mi mayor anhelo es que todos los que integramos a este grupo formemos Una gran Amistad familiar. no intereza. el Idioma ni procedencia. Les estamos Esperando. Chau."

  • 名 前 Katherine
  • 出 身 U.S.A
  • 経 歴 Bachelor of Arts, Earlham College
  • 趣 味 Art, Photography, Film, Travel, Writing, Fencing

日本大好きな Katherine。 日本のことをよく知っています。

I first came to Japan when I was a high school student. Since then, Japan has become a big part of my life! I believe that learning a new language creates many new opportunities and changes our way of thinking. Everyday at Speak Up I can meet and talk with many students.
I am always escited about listening to students' stories and laughing together. Let's enjoy learning together!